$4 per person per ride

(Children under 2 years old free)
Cash and card payments accepted
(Card payments incur a 1% processing surcharge)

Conditions of Entry:

  1. To ride Diamond Valley Railway, you must:
    1. Not be visibly ill; and
    2. Not be reasonably suspected of being under the influence of drugs or alcohol; and
    3. Be safely seated on a Public Passenger Carriage or Driving Carriage; and
    4. Not be smoking any type of substance or vaping; and
    5. Ensure that all clothing is within the inside of the carriage; and
    6. Be wearing footwear (no bare feet).
  2. During the ride you must not:
    1. Stand up; or
    2. Lean out; or
    3. Rock the carriages.
  3. Pets are not permitted to ride on the trains.
  4. Prams are not permitted on the trains or platforms.
  5. Steam trains may emit smoke, soot, and cinders during normal operation.
  6. Diamond Valely Railway occasionally photographs and records both audio and image of passengers for promotional purposes, including social media.


We do not offer pre bookings for tickets. All rides must be paid for at the Ticket Office on the day.

The Ticket Office opens approximately 10 minutes before the advertised start time and closes 10 minutes before the advertised closing time just prior to the last train departing.

Diamond Valley Railway is a not for profit organisation and is staffed by volunteers only. 100% of your ticket fare goes back into maintaining the railway and building better and new facilities for the community to enjoy.

All of our trains consist of straddle type seating with a 500mm to 600mm internal carriage width. Most of our trains include a carriage with a proper seat/s and side access doors. All trains travel through two dark tunnels where loud noises may be experienced. Please let our station volunteers know if you require additional assistance.

"Great fun for children and adults at a great price"
— Trip Advisor